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The State of the Iranian Oil Industry and Its Role in Irans Economy Case Study

The State of the Iranian Oil Industry and Its Role in Irans Economy - Case Study Example This exploration will start with the explanation that Iran's monetary dependence on the oil business has been more grounded than at any other time as showed by the consistent pattern in household request and the government’s exertion to counter the antagonistic effect of its financial confinement. An expansion in its vitality yield is viewed as the best way to unravel the issues it as of now faces. This center has prompted a few manageability challenges that require quick consideration if the nation is to accomplish a reasonable economy in the long haul. Iran has a place with the best five oil-delivering nations on the planet. The International Energy Agency detailed that in 2013, the nation created 2.5 million barrels for every day and about 1.2 million barrels were sent out. Consequently, the oil business stays a spine of the Iranian economy. It creates incomes that speak to at any rate 18.7 percent of the nation's GDP and guarantee 85 percent of the nation's absolute fare a nd remote money profit. Reports show that high oil costs in the previous decades empowered Iran to gather nearly $60 billion in remote trade holds. The concentration in oil creation, be that as it may, has driven or has irritated three significant supportability challenges: air contamination; harm to water assets; and the natural harm coming from likely clash. Air contamination remains the main ecological issue in the nation. It is brought about by vehicle discharges, treatment facility activities, and modern effluents. Especially, burning of vehicular traffic rules poisons. In Tehran, for instance, they add to around 80 percent of air contamination.

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Modal Verb Basics - Explanation

Modular Verb Basics - Explanation Modular action words can be mistaking for some understudies. This speedy guide and follow-up tests will assist you with understanding the nuts and bolts of modular action words. Subsequent to considering the accompanying graph, attempt the difficult modular action word tests recorded at the base of this page. Capacity Can plan something/ Able for do somethingâ Somebody has a capacity to accomplish something. Subside can communicate in French.Anna can play the violin.. Probability  Could accomplish something/ Might accomplish something/ May accomplish something/ Can accomplish something Its feasible for somebody to accomplish something. Dwindle could help you this afternoon.Alice may have gone to the bank.They may realize the answers. She can go to the gathering next week.â Commitment Need to accomplish something Its a day by day prerequisite of work or some other regular errand. Dwindle needs to help clients at the store.They need to rise from the get-go Saturdays. Need to accomplish something Its imperative to accomplish something. I have to get some milk and eggs for dinner.She needs to get her work done today around evening time. Must accomplish something Its by and by significant for somebody to accomplish something. I should leave soon in light of the fact that the train leaves in one hour.I must examination in the event that I need to get an A. Preclusion Mustnt accomplish something Its illegal for somebody to accomplish something. Youngsters mustnt go into this room.Motorcycles mustnt be ridden on this road.â Non-necessityâ Dont need to accomplish something/ Dont need to accomplish something It isnt essential for somebody to accomplish something, yet it is likewise conceivable. You dont need to take this class, however its interesting.You dont need to rise from the get-go Saturday.She doesnt need to deal with Sundays, yet she does sometimes.Mary doesnt need stress over the wash. Sick deal with it.â Advisabilityâ Ought to accomplish something/ Ought to improve accomplish something Its a smart thought for somebody to accomplish something. Its someones proposal to somebody. You should see a doctor.Jennifer should examine harder.Peter would do well to hustle just a bit. Shouldnt accomplish something It isnt a smart thought for somebody to accomplish something. You shouldnt work so hard.They shouldnt pose inquiries during the presentation.â Assurance Modular action words can likewise be utilized to show how plausible something is. These are known as modular action words of likelihood and follow comparable examples in the present and the past.â must beâ The speaker is 90% certain the sentence is true.â She should be upbeat today. Shes got a gigantic grin on her face.Tom must be in a gathering. Hes not noting his phone.â could be/may be/might be The speaker is half certain the sentence is true.â The could be at the party.She may be glad on the off chance that you give her the present.They might be furious with their folks. cant be/mustnt be/couldnt be The speaker is 90% certain that something isn't accurate. You cannot be serious.They mustnt be the ones we ordered.She couldnt be at the party.â probably won't be/may not be The speaker is half certain that something isn't accurate. The probably won't be in concession to this contract.Tom may not be at school.â Presently, attempt the tests: Modular Verb Review Quiz 1

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How To Get Into Stanford TKG

How To Get Into Stanford Before you decide that you absolutely positively must attend Stanford, you need to get clear on why. “Because it’s Stanford!” is not a reason. While it’s impossible to characterize the entire school, we’ve spent years helping students apply (and get into) Stanford. Generally speaking, students who get into and thrive at Stanford have the following three qualities: They truly enjoy the collaborative process  They have highly specific focusesThey are, and always have been, curious Getting into Stanford is hard. And it’s kind of like building a house.  You need the foundation before you can start adding the bells and whistles. Perfect grades and perfect scores.  And we really do mean perfect. If you don’t have that, nothing else matters. We don’t say this to break your spirit, we say this to be realistic and hopefully help manage expectations. We’re often asked, is it better to get an A in a regular course or a B in an honors course?   And, how can I get into X scho ol with bad grades? But when it comes to Stanford, you need to be getting A’s in all of the hardest classes your school offers. And it’s relatively impossible to get into Stanford with bad grades. If you aren’t able to maintain perfect grades at a high school level, then Stanford isn’t the school for you. (By the way, there’s nothing wrong with that! There is no need to go to Stanford to be successful.) So before you move on to step two, know that without the grades and test scores, you’re Sisyphus pushing the rock. An area (or two) of specialization. Again, for the people in the back, this step only applies if you have all A’s in everything. You have two areas of specialization and in those fields, you’ll need to go above and beyond in a way that shows you’re incredibly focused and dedicated. It is no longer the case that starting a little business will help you get into Stanford. But if you are more entrepreneurially inclined, you have to think big with your bus iness. You need to scale. You need to be recognized. The more side-project type businesses won’t cut it.  If you’re interested in engineering, you can’t just join the robotics club. You need to build something big and/or do research. In recent years, it has been our experience that students with special interests in academically leaning fields have had the upper hand. So, if you’re taking all AP classes and want to show that you’re most interested in biology and/or chemistry, you’re also doing research with a professor AND doing summer programs at a college. You might be starting the club at your school. You’re bringing the club to other schools. You’re being recognized. If you’re interested in politics, you’re working on a campaign and again, doing political science research with a professor. Community engagement (not community service) Once more for the people who still aren’t with us: you need to have perfect grades and scores for this to matter. If you donâ €™t have perfect grades ands scores, no amount of community engagement will matter. Onwards:Let’s discuss the difference between community engagement and community service. We’ve written quite a few posts before on how community service often reads as privileged and disingenuous. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t do any community service, but we are saying that it’s not an effective strategy for getting into Stanford. More often than not, parents are financing that community service trip to build houses. Unless you’re planning, executing, and really making moves behind the scenes, community service is generally speaking not a great way to show off your personality or your interests. Stanford is interested in the bigger picture. But back to community engagement. We’re all familiar with a variant of this question that’s asked on quite a few supplements: if you could change one thing about the world (or history), what would it be? Now, students often pick the most atr ocious aspect of history they can think of and write a novel about what they would have done differently. That doesn’t work. You alone most likely couldn’t stop Hitler. And while this may seem like an unnecessary tangent, it’s not. We all wish horrible things didn’t happen in the past, and wouldn’t happen in the future. Talking and writing about how horrific slavery was doesn’t show an interest. Taking actionable steps in your OWN neighborhood RIGHT NOW shows a level of engagement and genuine interest. And that’s what we’re looking for. So, be active in your community. Maybe you’re a member of student government or write for the local newspaper covering special interest stories. If you live in New York City, does your building recycle? It doesn’t have to be something huge. In fact, it definitely shouldn’t be something huge. Think of small ways that you can make your own community better. Start noticing where your neighborhood is falling short, or how you can he lp, and take steps towards trying to fix things. No one is expecting you to solve huge issues, but trying is a good place to start. Getting into Stanford is hard, and this article is only the tip of the iceberg. If you  need help, contact us here.

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Influencing The Lives Of Non Human Animals - 1381 Words

Influencing the lives of non-human animals for centuries, animals have led to appreciable advancement in society. The interactions that occur between people and non-human animals, particularly in the Appalachian region, has led to profound changes both on the local community and the nation. The most significant interaction to take place and has influenced the area drastically is domestication. Four types of domestication at the forefront of Appalachian culture are livestock, blood-sports, pet keeping, and animal’s prevalence in oral folklore. The introduction of domestication previous to and after the Neolithic Revolution has harbored new relationships between humans and animals that have altered the mountain face, culture, and economy of the Appalachian region. The most prevalent human-animal interaction to be observed and widely practiced in the Appalachian Mountains is the keeping of domesticated animals. The region was widely used as hunting and gathering land previous to colonial expansion. Native Americans did not keep or domesticate animals because of their animism beliefs, or the belief that all organisms and inanimate objects possess a soul (â€Å"Constructing Animals†). However, it was not until the Neolithic Revolution reached the Appalachians that sustainable agriculture became a standard way to obtain food. In doing so domesticated animals, particularly livestock, became common in the mountains. Hogs cattle, and chickens were kept on farms to allow for easier accessShow MoreRelatedThe Factors Influencing Human Behaviour Outside Of Other Non Human Animals1373 Words   |  6 PagesAnimals are one of the top factors influencing human behavior outside of other non-human animals. The interactions that occur between people and non-human animals, particularly in the Appalachian region, has led to profound changes both on the local community. The most significant interaction to take place and has influenced the area drastically is domestication. Four types of domestication at the forefront of Appalachian culture are livestock, blood-sports, pet keeping, and animal’s prevalence inRead MoreR. G. Frey s Moral Standing, The Value Of Lives, And Speciesism1200 Words   |  5 PagesThe focus of this paper will be R. G. Frey’s passage in â€Å"Moral Standing, the Value of Lives, and Speciesism†. The intended objection of the focus will be two moral theories, Kantianism and Act Utilitarianism. Act Utilitarianism being the rebuttal of the Kantianism view on the moral issue at hand. In this passage the central conclusion is that the value of life, whether that be humans or animals is contributed to the quality of life, the quality is related to its richness being related to the life’sRead MoreScience Essay1654 Words   |  7 Pagesaimed to investigate the component and feature of a chosen area near a lake in Qinhuangdao No.1 Middle School. The result of the research showed the physical and biological components of the quadrat area and what were the negative impact drawn by human activity on the ecosystem. During the investigation, ruler and camera were used to collect data and pictures. Also, three tables, a food chain, and a food web were drawn to clearly illustrate the findings. In the third part, the classifications ofRead MoreThe Use Of Animals For Research Testing Essay1547 Words   |  7 PagesIn the society we live in, it is filled with debatable controversies. Figuring out a solution to an issue can possibly create quite a stir in our world. In the cooperation of finding a solution, understanding both sides of an argument is very essential. This can help create a better outline of what outweighs the other. With hundreds of topics to solve, there was one that stood out, animal testing. The use of animals for research testing is an issue that has been debated whether or not it is acceptableRead MoreTechnology Advantages And Disadvantages Essay921 Words   |  4 Pages Technology can be a powerful tool in today’s world. People introduced to different technological products enjoy surrounding themselves with these devices because it helps society live in comfort. Even though technology is irresistible to people, there are several advantages and disadvantages that it has on society. In almost every organization, a large number of artificial intelligence researchers are developing and improving machines that would be of great help to their businesses. Technology haveRead MoreHealth And Sanitation Of Bible Readers1199 W ords   |  5 Pagesmodern lens, the distinctions between clean and unclean animals in Leviticus 11 are recorded to ensure the health and sanitation of Bible readers, and are indicative of cautionary ancient dietary practices. This is reflected strongly in Naphtali Meshel’s article in The Princeton Theological Review, â€Å"Food for Thought: Systems of Categorization in Leviticus 11.† Here, Meshel examines the rationale behind the choosing of clean and unclean animals. He states that â€Å"The status of a species as permittedRead MoreHumans Are Influencing Climate Change Essay1234 Words   |  5 PagesHumans Are Influencing Climate Change The issue is simple and rather obvious; climate change is real and a problem. With a changing climate comes rising sea levels, hotter days, and stronger and wilder storms, and long painful droughts. What most people can’t seem to agree on is whether or not human activity is playing some role in it. From media outlets to internet forums, the debate is being fought on all fronts. Most of these arguments, however, are just personal opinions and poorly-made observationsRead MoreClimate Change Is An Ongoing Problem1569 Words   |  7 Pagesforces, however; human impacts are the cause of such dramatic change. â€Å"Unless greenhouse gas emissions are severely reduced, climate change could cause a quarter of land animals, birdlife and plants to become extinct† (Weather Information, 2014). Some effects on these animals are mammals coming out of hibernation earlier than usual, plants blossoming, and even birds laying their eggs at earlier times in the year. Migration is being effected by global warming and a result is animals moving closer toRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses of Emotion Essay1068 Words   |  5 PagesEmotion is defined as the reaction to a stimulus, which is only inferred and not observed. Emotions play a powerful role in shaping thoughts, influencing behavior, and steering motivation to do things. As much as it helps with understanding the people around you and building relationships, it plays a big part in influencing daily decisions and behavior. While emotions are a universal language and may be a crucial key to getting to know yourself and the world, it hinders your perception and judgmentRead MoreThe Conservation Of The Feral Pigs1598 Words   |  7 PagesClimate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time; Hawaii has not been exempt from the effects. We’re witnessing a large increase in sea levels, which can lead to the erosion of the small islands and eventually displace humans. Climate change also is influenc ing the way we manage forests, to promote carbon sequestration we must focus on managing forests for sustainable regeneration. Forest regeneration also influences other ecosystem services like cultural, regulating, provisioning and

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The Problem Of Becoming Pharmacist - 1108 Words

Since I can remember I always wanted to excel in medical field. However, there was a period of time in my life when I thought that I could be a journalist. For this reason, I attended humanities major in high school. I realized very quickly that I was fascinated more by science subjects rather than humanities. I came to Chicago in 2006 with an idea of pursuing medical career. I knew it would be much harder for me because of the language barrier; nevertheless I was ready to face the challenge. The idea of becoming pharmacist arose when I attended one of the health career panels. I was exposed to variety of health professions that directly impact patients and provide health care to others. Pharmacy was the field that got my attention immediately. I was impressed with diverse career options available to students. In current times, there are many people without a health insurance. Pharmacist is the first health care provider patients seek help from before they will see a specialist. I could play important role in health care system by interacting with elderly patients on a regular basis, helping to educate them about their medications. In addition, I realized that as a bilingual pharmacist I could reach out to polish speaking patients. When I started working as a Pharmacy technician there were only few polish customers in my pharmacy. Now after 3 years, I can say that we have at least 40% polish speaking customers. They are coming to our pharmacy because they know there isShow MoreRelatedBecoming a Pharmacist Essay examples560 Words   |  3 PagesPutting together a puzzle is comparable to the road in becoming a pharmacist. It involves patience, thinking from many different perspectives such as using trial and error to find the solution. As a freshman in college, I was doubtful about what to major but suddenly one day, I witnessed my mother’s deteriorating health due to her suffering from high blood pressure. This made me feel pity and if there was a way out of everything, I was willing to take that path to help her. During my visit in VietnamRead MorePharmacy Essay775 Words   |  4 Pagespeople on their path to better health† is a quote used by CVSHealth, I first heard it during the orientation for my pharmacy technician job. I love this quote because it really defines my purpose for wanting to be a pharmacist in the simplest way. My journey to becoming a pharmacists consist of why I selected pharmacy as a career, future goals, and my backgrounds that will help me achieve the goals that I set for myself. I came into college knowing that I wanted to work in the medical field, butRead MoreWhy I Want Pursue A Career1744 Words   |  7 PagesI want to pursue a career in pharmacy. For one, I have three cousins who has a career in the medical field and are very successful right now. Another reason is because of my aunt and uncle. They have made me realize that being either a doctor or pharmacist is a very good career to pursue because I can be a role model to their kids and that would want them to pursue a similar career. Basically I’ve been convinced to go for a career in the medical field throughout my whole life. I’m also in medicalRead MoreCounselling On Sunburn Becoming Repetitive? What About Frostbite?1663 Words   |  7 PagesCounselling on sunburn becoming repetitive? What about Frostbite? Comparing and contrasting registration as a pharmacist in Australia and Canada Introduction â€Å"The history of pharmacy is almost as long as the history of humanity.† - Stephen G. Greenwood Man has walked this Earth for a long time and, during that time, they have suffered from ailments. It may not be common practice now to make offerings to the Gods in an attempt to seek a cure but, there are still aspects from ancient times evidentRead MoreField of Pharmacy1531 Words   |  7 Pagesare different types of pharmacy careers all over the country such as ambulatory care, nuclear, and of course the retail pharmacist. I will go into more detail about each of these later on in the paper, but first I want to explain and give you an idea of what it takes to be a pharmacist and show you the positive and negative aspects of the field. What it takes to be a Pharmacist, depending on where you apply to pharmacy school you’re going to run into different styles of prepharm curriculum. WhatRead MoreThe Role Of A Pharmacist Essay963 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Today in the 21st century the roles of pharmacist have expanded tremendously. Before pharmacist had the role of solely dispensing drugs. Pharmacists were limited to only being regulatory or clinical pharmacist. Back then they were called medical purveyors who were much like today’s regulatory pharmacist and hospital pharmacist who are similar to hospital pharmacist. Now pharmacists carry many roles in healthcare. Pharmacist can play roles in public health, community, health systemsRead MorePharmacy Career Research1568 Words   |  7 PagesA pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is an expert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight disease and improve the health of the patient. Pharmacists are responsible for the implementation of drug therapy with the intention of improving the quality of a patient’s life. Some examples of such improvements include curing diseases, reducing or eliminating a patient’s symptoms, slowing the process of a disease, and preventing disease. A pharmacist works with patients and other healthcareRead MoreEssay about Professionalism1084 Words   |  5 Pagesconsidering every single persons morals and values of life are different. The accusation of pharmacy schools becoming trade schools is an outrage. The statement was made signaling that pharmacists have the ability to stop the growing trend. With all of the laws and restrictions put upon us, how are we supposed to be viewed as a medical field? To make matters worse, most pharmacists and pharmacy students do not truly believe in our medical field status: read the scripts, fill the prescriptionRead MoreA Job As A Pharmacist1465 Words   |  6 Pagestalks about her job as a Pharmacist. Her passion for a job always inspires me to follow my career as a pharmacist, and to be someone like her. However, I have never had a chance to see her at work. So this time, I decided to sleep over to have a full view of her working day. Eight hours being totally concentrated and carefully review more than 100 prescriptions without any mistake is what she has to do every day. However, that is just a part of this job. Being a Pharmacist is totally not as easy asRead MorePh armacists, Podiatrists, Clinical Social Workers Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pageschose a pharmacist, podiatrists, and a clinical social worker. These three professions are practiced at the Wai’anae Coast Community Health Center at 86-260 Farrington Highway, Wai’anae, HI. 96792. The consumers own WCCHC and it is not unionized. Rich Bettini is the head of the organization. The main points of this essay will be about the nature of work and job professions, education and training, shift and schedules, and earnings of each profession. The first profession is a pharmacist and it

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Reflection Of Citizen Kane - 758 Words

The 1941 film Citizen Kane was written, directed, co-produced and starred by Orson Welles. The film won an Academy Award in 1942 for Best Screenplay and was also nominated for 8 other categories in the same year. The black and white movie was a hit for its time. The film challenged the traditional narrative and technical elements of the classic Hollywood cinema on multiple levels, especially for this time period in history. One of the first traditional narratives that Welles challenged was the order of events in the movie. Most films present their stories in chronological order, Citizen Kane does not do this. The film opens with narrated scenes of the entire life of Charles Foster Kane, however the series of events goes from the later†¦show more content†¦The plot duration is the time it took for Jerry Thompson to interview Kane’s ex-wife and friends in search of answers on Kane’s life and death, this took approximately one week. And then the screen duration is the entire movie, this would be almost 2 hours in length. (Barsam, Monahan 143) The setting in the movie is the time and place of the story. Citizen Kane showed multiple settings a many different times. The death had a setting of Kane alone in his home in his later years, in the 1940s. Other settings included an estate in Florida called Xanadu, where Kane and his wife Susan lived in his later years. Another setting was a music hall that Kane owned and where Susan performed for audiences, this as well was in his later years. His younger years included settings of his businesses are also shown throughout the first of the film. Thompson’s interviews of Kane’s ex-wife, his colleagues, his friends and even his butler provide settings of their locations (after his death) and then their flashbacks to Kane’s life including those time periods and settings. Another way that Welles challenged the technical elements of the Hollywood cinema was through the mise-en-sce`ne. Mise-en-sce`ne is the staging or the action of putting on a scene. One of the concepts in putting on a scene or staging is the illusion created from the lighting and camera angles. In one scene in the movie, Kane is in one door way watching his wife Susan leave out of their home,Show MoreRelatedReflection Of Citizen Kane757 Words   |  4 PagesOrson Welles’s Citizen Kane is a revolutionary film. Although it might not look like much to the modern viewer, many aspects of the film were the first of their kind to appear and are still used today. One thing I noticed throughout the film was the use of reflections. The movie starts off with a montage of images of Xanadu, Charles Kane’s personal estate. One of the shots includes a beautiful reflection of the building in the water. When Kane dies and drops the snow globe, you see the nurse’s reflectionRead MoreCitizen Kane As A Dramatic Tragedy1372 Words   |  6 PagesThe 1941 film, Citizen Kane, is a dramatic tragedy that chronicles the life of Charles Foster Kane from boyhood to newspaper magnate. Along the way, characters try to figure out what life really means and question if the â€Å"American Dream† is really all it is cracked up to be. Directed by Orson Welles with cinematography by Gregg Toland, the film won the New York Film Critics Award as best picture, and received nine Academy Award nominations, but won only one for best Screenplay for Welles and HermanRead MoreFilm Analysis Of Citizen Kane1299 Words   |  6 PagesCitizen Kane incorporates a well-rounded variety of shots and angles that make the film more entertaining. This movie is significant because the American people will always be able to relate to it. There will always be a rich politician who wants to change things for the better. Sometimes, scandal and broken promises ensue. The American people will always want someone that they can trust to make their lives better. It is interesting to note that this film combines multiple genres, giving it a factorRead MoreOrson Welles’s Citizen Kane (1941) and Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon (1950)1852 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction: At first glance, Citizen Kane and Rashomon seem structurally similar to each other and as well each explores the concept of truth. They both use multiple narratives to tell their stories; however, the idea of truth is handled differently in each. Citizen Kane is a fictionalized documentary about the life of wealthy newspaperman Charles Kane. In Rashomon, while each narration widens understanding of the motivations of the narrators of the event, only one of the varying accounts isRead MoreCitizen Kane : Character Analysis : Citizen Kane1337 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis: Kane Citizen Kane one of the consistently top ranked films of all time, A film that would change the course and style of film from that point on Its ability to direct the audience’s attention with its many remarkable and breath-taking scenes. It employed many new cinematic and innovative techniques that apply to lighting, sound mixing and editing that been emulated ever since. The character that we see take the greatest advantages of these new techniques is Charles Foster Kane, utilizingRead MoreGreat Gatsby and Citizen Kane compare and contrast Essay examples677 Words   |  3 Pages The Great Gatsby Citizen Kane You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. - James Allen The Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane are both classic American stories about the so called â€Å"American Dream†. The main characters in both stories are Mr. Gatsby and Mr. Kane. They each come from similar backgrounds. They also both hold much power as adults. A difference between the two is one chose their way of living the other did not. He wasRead MoreWhy Citizen Kane is the Best Movie Ever Made Essay760 Words   |  4 PagesThe debate over Casablanca and Citizen Kane has been a classic argument between film critics and historians alike, and this is because both of these pieces are timeless pictures that have managed to captivate audiences well after their era. On a broad spectrum analysis this is an apples and oranges debate as the two films both have great cinematographic value but for different reasons. However, the real question at hand is which film is the greatest? Which film transformed the future of AmericanRead MoreCitizen Kane Essay1194 Words   |  5 PagesCiti zen Kane Citizen Kane is often called the greatest film ever made. Its use of film techniques often taken for granted nowadays were completely new and had not been done before. Simple things like ceilings on the sets and realistic scenes such as the newsreel, which would not stand out in a modern film, were combined to make a film full of innovative techniques. The director, Orson Welles, developed the use of deep focus to make the flat cinema screen almost becomeRead MoreEssay on Citizen Cane Questionaire1377 Words   |  6 PagesCitizen Kane Questionnaire View the movie CITIZEN KANE (1941) for discussion in class on week four and to submit week five. Be sure to view the film at least twice before workshop number four. Read the information in this syllabus about this movie. Research it online at,,, etc. Then complete the following questionnaire A. Literary ElementsRead More Citizen Kane: Exposing the Truth about William Randolph Hearst3876 Words   |  16 PagesCitizen Kane: Exposing the Truth about William Randolph Hearst Many have called Citizen Kane the greatest cinematic achievement of all time. It is indeed a true masterpiece of acting, screen writing, and directing. Orson Welles, its young genius director, lead actor, and a co-writer, used the best talents and techniques of the day (Bordwell 103) to tell the story of a newspaper giant, Charles Kane, through the eyes of the people who loved and hated him. However, when it came out, it was scorned

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Banking Service Quality and Customer Loyalty †

Question: Discuss about the Banking Service Quality and Customer Loyalty. Answer: Introduction Australian banks highly value their communities in which they have established themselves. They are very much committed towards attracting with their stakeholders. Stakeholders can be the banks customers, employees, suppliers, community partners and the wider community or their surroundings. In Australia, most banks are found providing free discounts as well as exceptions to senior citizens, students and individuals with disabilities. There are other facilities also that guides their customers by offering them financial education, literacy and additional programs and activities. National Australia Bank (NAB) is among the boss who supplies banking services to the businesses in Australia (Shamsuddin and Xiang 2012). It however, has expertise who is specialist in the agribusiness, health, government, education and lastly community banking. NAB group in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Asia and United States of America accompanies all the fields. The one and only vision of this company is to become the most admirable bank in Australia and New Zealand. National Australia was founded in 1858 and named National Bank of Australasia. Currently, they are having 35000 employees who are helping banking of 10million along with wealth management customers who are spread across 10 worldwide authorizations (Wilson 2012). In 1864, they were successful in opening their first office internationally in London due to their colonial links. As they develop themselves, they started opening more offices internationally. Presently, more than 500 employees across Asia are serving around 20,000 people, business and institutional customers. NAB also follows CRM practices so that they can have better understanding of their customers for a advancing in better enhancement of the products, segmentation, proper targeting, managing campaigns and sustaining the long-term profit and mutually benefited relationship with their customers. Current state analysis of the company The strengths of CRM is that it helps in managing the customer data and helps the staff to get more effective in handling their customers, it manages the developing database and centralizes all the data. It further helps building long-term relationship with customers. On the other hand, the weaknesses are the difficulty that is faced in the changeover from the manual to automatic process and the possibility of the software of CRM being hacked (Vasiliu 2013). To protect the CRM data from the hackers basic security processes needed to be carefully practiced, update the antivirus systems so that it can block or detect the logged signatures. Big data analytics should be used so that there is network security visibility and recognition to deaf the rivals (Desai and Kulkarni 2013). For National Australia Bank the administrative activities that are hampering their productivity is business realignment that is National bank which is a traditional bank must choose to shift into nontraditional businesses like payment processing, specialty financing. Another problem is Channel optimization. It is to evaluate the different ways in which customers interact with the banks so that a cost effective combination is created to the banks customer base (Bowe, Briguglio and Dean 2014). The opportunities are the application technology in the core activities of the bank, the one commbank initiative helps in customer relationships for sustained development and lastly, expanding the activities in Asia and other evolving markets can also guide the bank for long lasting growth. The threats are on the other hand, investor confidence in the foreign economy that is if the economic outlook is weak, it can make the growth stagnant and risk due to modifications in foreign currencies (Wongsansukcharoen, Trimetsoontorn and Fongsuwan 2015). CRM program/project objective The objectives of the CRM program of NAB include increasing customer loyalty. This means that in the present days situation it has become very important to properly handle the customers and retain them. This is not only cost effective but also profitable retaining an old customer than getting a new customer (Harorimana 2012). Bank can lose their customers in two ways that is by either voluntary attrition or involuntary attrition. Customers have various relationships with a particular bank and thus, they built up an expectation to get the same treatment across the various business lines. NAB enhanced their customers loyalty by putting emphasis in certain areas like customer feedbacks, their needs, pricing based on the relationship, staff motivation and rewards management (Kaur and Kiran 2015). CRM along with HR (human resources) of the banks allows the bank to evaluate their customers behaviors and values. The main project objectives to execute CRM in the business strategy of NAB are to untangle marketing and sales related processes, to make the call centers more systematic, to impart better services to their customers, to find new customers, enhance the customer revenue, and lastly, effectively cross sell their products. However, customer life cycles should be fully supported by CRM processes and they have few basic steps which are- alluring existing customers as well as new customers, obtaining new customers, serving them and finally preserving them. However, to run the process engine of CRM project few data should be collected beforehand like responses to the campaigns, dates of fulfillment and shipping, data of sales and purchase and demographic, information of accounts and web registration, service and support records and lastly, web sales data (Nambiar, Joseph and Raman Nair 2015). CRM Solutions and its advantages CRM software solutions in an important tool for any bank for managing its business as customer management are an essential factor that can bring huge modification to a bank. However, Saga CRM can be used as a solution that can help the bank to get appropriately with the requirements of the customers and increase the retention of the customers (Laudon and Laudon 2016). This solution has the following features to reach the goals of customer management- Customer retainer- to keep customers satisfied and loyal, thus taking a step ahead in the competitive banking sector in Australia. Information database- this software can add up to the quickness while supplying the deduced data processes, delivering auto responders and bestowing a top-notch customer management. Privilege management- this is completely hassling free and helps in managing and recording all the data and thus, helps to manage your customers better. Financing service management- not only helps to work quicker but also track the mails/SMSs for the customers for the deadlines and overdue that is coming up. One for all- this is just one solution to all the troubles by the customers. The vendor providing the software is Microsoft. The Microsoft dynamics CRM is distinctive in the increasingly crowded software of CRM in the market. However, it gives the customers more options in hosting delivery by assisting numerous public clouds for SaaS delivery (Wolenik 2013). The reason behind selecting this type of CRM software is its advantages, which are strengthening better services to the customer, encourages origination of new customers, enhancing customers revenue, assisting the sales teams so that they can close their deals quicker and increases customers loyalty. Implementing Microsoft dynamics CRM demands several applications of software and those components that can together work to produce a system that is effective. Maximum of the system however, requires for a organized Microsoft CRM environment are very much similar to the on-premise distribution of Microsoft dynamics CRM. Before installing the Microsoft dynamics CRM, the guides should be referred so that the system requirements are verified and met. Therefore, the essential software components must also be accessible. Microsoft Dynamics CRM server requires both hardware and software requirement along with Microsoft Dynamics CRM email router, which is a differentiated email routing service that directs CRM-based email, messages to and from the organizations of Microsoft dynamics also requires both hardware and software. Lastly, there is a need for Microsoft SQL Server that only needs Hardware Server (Chiang, Goes and Stohr 2012). Silos structure CRM becomes a silo that is catching information so that they cannot interchange with any other application like the customer services, analysis and forecasting systems. Thus, to integrate the database so that a 360 degree view of the customer is achieves the focus must be on the following point- Concentrate on the customer information Automates marketing interactions Supply the bank with business intelligence Encourage communication Follow the sales opportunities Scrutinize data Permit receptive customer service Organizations can use various tools that can enhance this 360-degree view that may involve social media listening tools, predictive analytics tools, customer-relationship management suites and lastly marketing automation software. Apart from all these, the focus must also be on data quality and data clearing practices that is also helpful in gaining an appropriate picture of the customers. For a successful CRM plan, implication training the employees is very much important because of the following reasons- It enhances the adoption rate- proper training will help the employees to increase the rate of adoption for the CRM within the employees by assisting them feel more pleasant using the implemented CRM solution. It improves the employees knowledge about the features of the newly implemented CRM- training always gives the employees a clear idea of the usefulness of the new solution in spite of the employees being tech savvy. Guides the staffs to combine the CRM into the everyday routine- the main goal of any organization would be to implement the CRM practices to every employees daily routine and policies so a proper training will help employees to do that. If training is provided properly then various questions will be raised- training for a new practice will definitely raise questions, and if employees will not get the chance to ask questions then they may bypass important aspects of the CRM or may even to use it properly. Discover different problems- the more employees are exploring the CRM and thinking about its practices that how in a better and simpler way they can implement it in their everyday routine, the more they will come up with problems. This will also help in displaying the big picture- only right training can help the employees to visualize the picture clearly and help them improve their adoption rates and widen their employee knowledge and skill of the CRM (Elnaga and Imran 2013). Establish a timeline The length of the planning process ranges from 20 days to one month. This will include the training of the following products- Microsoft dynamics GP Microsoft dynamics NAV Microsoft dynamics AX Microsoft dynamics CRM Tableau Prophix Training will be of new implementation and new user training. The first training that is the new implementation training is deeply focusing on the project methodology. Thus, the training is transferred through a project so that there is no confusion among the employees. Then the employees are observed and if needed follow up training are provided to confirm the success rate among the staff members. Then following this is the new user training where those employees can be trained where they are going to use the software for the very first time. This training will guide the employees with the necessary information that are needed for navigating the product. The training methods that are to be applied can be on-site training or training the trainer. Train the trainer method focus on any one employee in the organization who will be the expert in handling the software. Then he may train others in how they can also use the knowledge in a practical manner. However, training will help in ado pting the new CRM practice easily, it makes CRM to be more than just a tool and thus raise productivity and lastly, it becomes a part of the employees increasing their satisfaction (Talet 2012). Establish a Budget Budgeting the CRM is the practice, which is most productive to ensure the theta the investment can supply a positive financial return, or not. Moreover, it is a easy practice to cut out the costs or avoiding any kind of unnecessary spending of money on any external resources that can lead to the failure in the implementation as the needs of the business are not fitting with the system that is underfunded. Costs that are intricate in the implementation of the options of mitigation are called implementation costs (Krasnikov, Jayachandran and Kumar 2013). However, these costs are associated with the important changes in the institution, informational requirements, the size of the market, chances for gain in technology and learning along with economic incentives that might be needed that includes the grants, subsidies and taxes. This cost is the amount that is spends for implementing the initial system (Ryals 2013). Microsoft dynamics for sale costs, customer service, field costs and project service automation may cost around $95/user/month. However, for any sales user if they want to access to the customer service operations then they it will cost additional $10 per user each month. Apart from these, the full cross functional read/ write may access to any existing user type may cost around $115 per month by each user. Annual costs are mainly the ongoing costs that are related with the preservation and support of the CRM system (Awasthi and Sangle 2013). However, typical middle market CRM solution implementation can costs from $1000 to $4000 per user. Moreover, Microsoft dynamics CRM that is the professional one will cost around $65 per user in a monthly basis, the basic one will cost $30 per person every month and essential will cost $15 per month by each user (Kurawa and Garba 2014). References Awasthi, P. and S. Sangle, P., 2013. The importance of value and context for mobile CRM services in banking. Business Process Management Journal, 19(6), pp.864-891. Bowe, M., Briguglio, L. and Dean, J.W. eds., 2014. Banking and finance in islands and small states. Routledge. Chiang, R.H., Goes, P. and Stohr, E.A., 2012. Business intelligence and analytics education, and program development: A unique opportunity for the information systems discipline. 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